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The Saint Jude Retreat House - Some more History

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Saint Jude Retreat House

www.MarkScheeren.org is a website dedicated to introducing the public to the St. Jude Program™ and the history behind the development of our world class series of programs offered at the St. Jude Retreats in Upstate New York. As the St. Jude Retreats have become synonymous with people “getting over substance use problems for good,” we have received a dramatic increase in requests for the story behind the success St. Jude’s Retreats has had in changing the way people are helped with substance use problems worldwide. One of the most common requests for information is, “Where did this program come from, and who created it?” Our program’s main website
www.soberforever.net gives a tremendous amount of program and research information; however, for those looking for the human story behind the St. Jude Retreat development, a new website was needed to address these questions specifically and in an easily read summation format. This website specifically addresses these questions.
My name is Mark Scheeren, and I am one of the founders of the St. Jude paradigm, and am the author of the St. Jude Program. I hope you enjoy the following brief account of why we decided to change the treatment industry and how we accomplished this most important labor of love.


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Saint Jude Retreat House Founder Mark Scheeren
Mark Scheeren
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The St. Jude Program – What is it?

The St. Jude Program™ is a culmination of over twenty years of education, research and experience that has been codified into an educational process and is independently verified as the most effective program in helping people overcome substance use and other compulsive behaviors. For those two decades, myself and Mr. Jerry Brown, as well as countless others on our Retreat House™, Home Program™, and research staffs have spent nearly all of our time with people struggling with substance use problems and developing the world renowned St. Jude series of substance use programs. This long term, hands-on research approach had never been attempted in the substance use industry until we accomplished the task beginning in 1988. Baldwin Research Institute, Inc. was the first organization where the researchers (and program founders) spent every day and every night for the first ten years, living with the guests on a 24/7 research schedule. This allowed us to study the most effective methods of instruction and curriculum, and to make sure that what we were teaching was helpful and life changing. It also allowed us to change those aspects of the curriculum that were not effective. This unique dedicated approach to research makes the St. Jude Program™ the most carefully developed program in the treatment and substance use education industry. It is also the reason why the St. Jude Retreats™ have the highest voluntary and mandated guest retention and abstinence rates, based on independently verified success rates. Simply put, guests receive the help they need, and the experience is pleasant, not one of misery and empty promises. Ten years of on site research (and another ten years of continued research and program development) is a dedication level that no other program in the world can claim. Our research continues to this moment, and will continue into the future for as long as it takes to gain more effectiveness and the best possible chance for our guest's joy and fulfillment.

What makes the Jude Thaddeus Program™ so Different from Other Programs?

To begin, you might want to click read some St Jude Retreat Reviews. This website features actual testimonials from real past guests, and are not made up like other sites. You will find real names, real experiences, and why the St. Jude Retreats is so very unique in its approach and in the positive effects it has on the lives of those who have completed our program. We felt it was important to hear of the successes that occur when people return home to their lives and loved ones. Most of these guests can be looked up at their respective facebook® pages, so you know the authenticity of their personal accounts at St. Jude's. Enjoy!

…In the course of the initial ten years of research we needed to find the pattern that repeated itself in the population that caused the most significant array of problems. In other words, what was the most common cause of our collective guest's unhappiness? We did witness certain counterproductive patterns of behavior repeat themselves time and again. Many of these choices and behaviors caused tremendous emotional and physical pain. If we were to classify these problems into one general category it would be described as the guest's fundamental lack of maturity in certain areas of their lives.

This is not to oversimplify or to say that every problematic scenario is the same. Far from it. Each individual, whether it be the substance user, the family member watching their loved one slowly destroy themselves, or a friend trying to help, has their own perspective and deals with the issues independently of the others, and with the best coping mechanisms they posses. Unfortunately, each of these individual's perspectives produces certain actions and patterns that can be counterproductive to solving the various problems at hand. The St. Jude Program™ text and corresponding workbooks and lessons addresses these patterns of behavior as well as the misinformation that is promoted in alcohol and drug treatment throughout the nation, the frustrations and the fears that go along with those erroneous beliefs. Although each individual has their own perspectives and ways of dealing with their circumstances, as well as the choices of others, the positive lessons in this program are universal. Happiness and success in the human condition follow certain natural laws. These productive patterns have been wholly proven to rebuild lives. Our program bases its curriculum, length of stay, and retreat house amenities, etc., on what is proven to promote an adherence to what we call the positive choice based life experience. Our curriculum is not theory based, but actually based on those ideas and actions that have been proven to build happiness throughout history. Values such as, responsibility, positive goal setting, and a thorough understanding of how to grow past self defeating habits and choices are the foundation of the St. Jude Program™ text.

We, being on the front lines with thousands of families, (including some of our own) have known the incredible destructive forces behind substance use and the myriad of methods out there that have contributed to the problems. We have witnessed firsthand the horrors of families that try so hard to pull it together for their loved ones, only to watch them fail time after time, rehab after rehab. We are cognizant of the methods of "treatment" out there that are ineffective, and in many cases downright harmful and fraudulent. We know first hand how cultish and repressive Alcoholics Anonymous ® and its myriad of 12-step offshoots are. Out of this experience we have developed this program as a means for anyone with a substance use issue, or anyone close to those with a substance use issue to have a real answer that makes sense, and to avoid the various methods that harm rather than help.

(Authors Note: Although many facilities have tried to emulate and even copy the educational processes and material in our proprietary programs, only the St. Jude Retreats in New York, (owned and operated by the management teams from Baldwin Research Institute, Inc.) offer the original, independently tested St. Jude Program™. There are no other legitimate St. Jude Retreats that offer the St. Jude Program. All references to the St. Jude Retreats or the St. Jude Program in this website are referring to the facilities owned and operated by the not-for-profit Baldwin Research Institute, Inc. in New York State.)


The Saint Jude Retreats, an Alcohol Rehab and Drug Rehab Alternative Program.



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