Founded in 1989, the Baldwin Research Institute’s mission is to research cutting edge drug and alcohol issues, educational methodology, and best practices for drug and alcohol problems and related issues, to guide the drug and alcohol treatment industry and recovery society as a force for change, and to honestly and objectively educate the public as to the effectiveness of treatment and prevention programs with respect to drug and alcohol use.

Baldwin Research Institute first began its efforts in 1989 when it conducted a study of the modern Alcoholics Anonymous organization. Then, in 1990, the Institute began a study of 38 subjects with drug and alcohol problems. These studies were initiated to prove or disprove claims by Alcoholics Anonymous of success rates as high as 93% and claims by the treatment industry of success rates as high as 80%, but the claims of any single treatment program could not be validated with a success rate greater that 30%.

Baldwin Research Institute continues its research of substance use issues, methodology, and education to this day with its latest product; The Freedom Model. BRI’s mission is to disseminate its findings, thereby impacting the drug and alcohol treatment industry and the current recovery ideology as well as providing an objective resource for scientifically verified information for the general public to become more accurately and fully informed.

The Baldwin Research Institute, Inc. is a New York State not-for-profit Corporation. The United States Department of Treasury has ruled Baldwin Research Institute to be a tax exempt corporation as described in section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. As such, the Baldwin Research Institute is registered with the New York State Office of the Attorney General’s Charities Bureau and the New York State Department of State Office of Charities Registration. Additionally, the Baldwin Research Institute has been approved by the New York State Supreme Court to conduct business as a not-for-profit corporation in the State of New York, and our retreats are regulated by the New York State Health Department.


In addition to the Baldwin Report of 1990, more up to date information has been added on a consistent basis. Over the last 27 years, BRI’s dedicated researchers, namely Mark Scheeren, Gerald Brown, Steven Slate and Michelle Dunbar have studied and analyzed the current state of treatment, its failings, and any effective methods for positive human development. BRI’s latest accomplishments prove the idea of addiction as a whole is a cultural construct, as is its stable mate, recovery. These facts upend the entire recovery ideology and its harmful and ineffective rhetoric.

The debate over the validity of the disease concept continues to consume opposing schools of thought regarding addictions and substance abuse treatment. This debate, although members of each side seem altruistic, has done nothing to provide better programs for people with substance use problems. As a result of our efforts to provide the public with scientifically responsible research and the results or outcomes of said research, our findings have led our organization to change its original purpose of existing solely as a research organization to that of a proactive group working to change the face of treatment.

With the advent of The Freedom Model, BRI not only provides an alternative to such programs, but we have shown the falsity of the addiction/recovery concepts as a whole. This of course is a bold claim that is shown unequivocally through the research collected and presented in The Freedom Model text.

BRI’s website is updated regularly as new research projects are completed and new information is released about addictions, treatment, and mental illness methodologies, including our most recent research: The Freedom Model.

 For more on BRI’s history and conclusions, click here to read the entire historical outline of BRI.


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