The Only True Non-12 Step, Non-Treatment, Retreat Experience in the World.

We offer you – The Freedom Model


The research conducted at the Saint Jude Retreats over the past three decades has resulted in the creation of the most advanced method to overcome addiction in the world; The Freedom Model. No therapy, no 12 step meetings, no recovery – just the researched facts resulting in complete individual freedom from the constructs of addiction and recovery. The Freedom Model presented at the Saint Jude Retreats is the first and only true choice-based methodology in the world. The Saint Jude Retreats offers The Freedom Model in this residential retreat setting where the individual can spend time understanding the concepts by learning from Certified Freedom Model Presenters. The Freedom Model can also be had in strictly book form, and/or as a digital app as well (to be released in early 2018). The Freedom Model allows the individual to circumvent the treatment industry’s ineffective models as a whole. It also allows those who want to adjust their levels of use or those who desire to abstain from all use to have no need for a self-limited lifestyle “in recovery.”


Some people want The Freedom Model information to be presented to them in a residential environment, where they do not have the pressures of home as they navigate this new information and research and begin to implement this new perspective into their lives. The social aspects of being in a home-like atmosphere at one of our retreats while being offered The Freedom Model is a profound experience for many. Being that we have nearly three decades of experience managing multiple retreats, we know that people learn more effectively when they are happy and comfortable.


In light of this we currently have two retreats you can attend:

Saint Jude Executive Retreat

 The Executive Retreat is a luxurious 5,000 square foot country home isolated in a private location. This beautiful home can hold up to six guests at a time. This retreat was specially designed to host business executives and adult professionals who must remain connected to their business or personal life, while learning The Freedom Model in a luxurious setting. Three bedrooms offer private bathrooms while the other three bedrooms share a private luxury bathroom. Two bedrooms have access to a balcony overlooking the beautiful grounds. All classes at this retreat are one on one for a completely personalized presentation of The Freedom Model.

Saint Jude Twin Rivers Retreat

Located in a charming and quiet village setting, the Twin Rivers Retreat was the location of our first non-12 step retreat. This restored Victorian mansion has an elegant yet comfortable feel, complete with high ceilings, fireplaces, and antique furnishings. The bedrooms have been recently remodeled and include both shared-room-style, semi-private rooms and a private room with Tempur-Pedic mattresses. Additional areas in this retreat include several small classrooms, sitting rooms with flat screen televisions, a large dining room for family-style dinners, and a beautiful outdoor area including a gazebo, large deck, and a flower garden. The Twin Rivers Retreat offers a six week stay to learn The Freedom Model.